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Hey, thanks for being here! We're thrilled. Below is even more stuff about us, who we are, where we come from, some of the neat experiences we've had over the years playing music. You'll also see right below there is a photo of us with a LINK for you to DOWNLOAD ANOTHER FREE SONG CALLED 'BURST WIDE OPEN' as a thank you for being part of our community and for wanting to learn more about us.

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Enation is an anthemic American rock band from Washington State with a Euro/Rock flare fronted by Jonathan Jackson (who is one of the stars of the ABC primetime drama 'Nashville', a drama centered around the inner workings of Music City). Since their first album release in 2004, their music has been featured on, ‘One Tree Hill’, ‘General Hospital’, and more. Enation are becoming known as 'One of indie's premier rock bands...' (- CDBaby Notable Review)

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'The first thing people ask us if they've never heard us before is who do you sound like? Well, we like to say that it's as if U2, Radiohead, and Bob Dylan all got together for breakfast, decided to adopt a baby boy, called it Enation, and then left it to fend for itself,' drummer Richard Lee Jackson says.

Jonathan Jackson, lead singer, songwriter, guitars and piano player for Enation, speaks up. 'Bands like Coldplay, U2, and Pearl Jam are great examples of artists who are dedicated to their craft but who also see their music as a vehicle for emotional and social change. In short, they are bands who have inspired us to go beneath the surface, to create songs that are not just for entertainment -- but for emotional and spiritual connection, enlightenment, and social change.'

'It's all about having integrity as an artist,' says bassist Daniel Sweatt. 'There are a lot of bands out there who are okay dwelling on the surface of things -- which is totally fine for them, and there's some good music out there doing that. But surface is not us. That's not Enation. We're looking to go deeper, to have music that's beneath the surface.' 

'Great art tends to ask more questions than give answers. We are constantly searching for answers, which lends itself to asking a lot of questions.' Richard Lee continues. 'Questions like, Why are we here? What's the purpose of life? Why do terrible things, unspeakable things, happen? How do you overcome fear, hurt, or resentment? Can you have a second chance after you've blown it? How do you rebuild a life that has fallen apart? How can we cultivate a life of hope and joy amidst so much suffering? How can we reject apathy and help others? What is the state of our culture, where is the good in it, and also where should we fight against it -- its tendencies towards jadedness and self glorification? Our music, at least to some degree, is a reflection of those questions and the challenges they raise. In the end our hearts are passionate about big ideas and even bigger mercies.'  


Having released their first album in 2004, Enation is now positioned as 'One of indie's premier rock bands' (- CDBABY). In addition to selling over 200,000 songs and having their music heard on a host of soundtracks (details below) 2012 has brought more good news for the band; frontman Jonathan Jackson has landed a starring role on the ABC primetime drama 'Nashville'. Jonathan plays Avery Barkley, an up and coming singer-songwriter trying to make it in Music City. The drama has already received critical and fan buzz around the country -- USA Today named 'Nashville' the #1 must watch new show of the Fall Season. Since it's premier seen by nearly 10 million viewers, 'Nashville' has become one of the most talked about new shows, and has been picked up by ABC for a full complete season. 
Jonathan has released three singles from 'Nashville' -- 'Twist of Barbwire', 'Kiss' and his original song 'The Morning of the Rain' -- each one produced by Grammy and Oscar winning producer T-Bone Burnett. After Jonathan performed 'Kiss' on 'Nashville' the song burst onto the charts, climbing all the way to #49 on the national iTunes country charts.

2012 has brought about Enation live performances on the East and West Coasts of America, three album releases (two live albums and a soundtrack release) as well as their growing online fan community (known as 'Enation Army').


Enation came onto the music scene late 2004, the year they released their first album, “Identity Theft”. The band immediately had their music featured on and the film ‘Stephen King’s Riding The Bullet’. Since that time Enation have sold over 200,000 songs, and have been featured on 'One Tree Hill', ‘General Hospital’, A&E’s ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ and a host of other soundtracks. Enation’s song ‘Feel This (feat. Enation)’ went Top 10 on the iTunes Rock Charts (#8). Their EP, ‘The Madness Of Love’ held 5 of the Top 10 songs on the National CDBaby Rock Charts––and their recent single ‘Glorious’ was the #1 song for 4 + weeks across all genres on CDBaby, the largest distributor of independent music in the world. They were nominated to the prestigious New Music Seminar’s Top 100 ‘Artists on the Verge’ list which noted, “These are the artists in America most ready to break for 2011.” Enation also won the Grand Prize four times on the MTV sponsored international song competition, OurStage, a website that boasts over 4 million registered fans.
In October, 2011, Enation won a national competition sponsored by from the new social media splash page web company About.Me. Over 50,000 entries were voted on by the national public to choose the Top 20 pages. Next, a panel from About.Me/AOL chose the top 10, and then finally awarded their top three pages as the grand prize winners.
Enation won the grand prize––including being featured on a NY Times Square billboard for a month in downtown Manhattan, an invitation to attend About.Me’s special event in New York City and free national exposure as one of the three ‘faces’ of the About.Me campaign throughout the year.

Their newest studio album, ‘My Ancient Rebellion’ was released just three days after their About.Me NY Times Billboard went up. The album debuted #113 on the national iTunes Alternative charts, next to bands such as Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Muse, Radiohead, and the Black Keys -- quite a feat for an indie rock band who up until now has done everything on their own.
Enation also partner with the anti-human trafficking organization NOT FOR SALE to help bring awareness to combat the growing global atrocity of modern-day slavery.
They have been compared in reviews to the likes of Coldplay, Radiohead, U2, and Snow Patrol. Enation describes their music as Indie-Euro-Alternative-Folk-Rock. 

CDBaby, the largest distributor of independent music online in the world, took notice that Enation is "Fast becoming known as one of the best epic rock bands around," and recently also declared that Enation is 'one indie's premier rock bands.'

A note from the band: 

Thanks for being part of our Jonathan Jackson and Enation community! Please leave us a comment below so we can get to know you more! 
Enjoy your free music!

Jonathan, Richard Lee, Daniel

PS: Enation formed through friendship and playing gigs together over the course of a couple years. Jonathan, as the songwriter, guitar player, piano player and lead vocalist, has been influenced by a number of artists; most prevalently, Bono and the Edge from U2, Bob Dylan, Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins, and Leonard Cohen. An odd blend, some might say... (TO READ MORE ABOUT THE MEMBERS AND THEIR STORY CLICK HERE TO OUR WEBSITE BIO PAGE...)


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  2. Thank you for you generosity. I really appreciate the free music and love your sound. I totally agree with your musical comparison.

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  6. Thank you for the music, I think it's beautiful and really touches people's souls, its nice to think there's a band out there who come across as real people not just putting on a show. I only wish you'd be able to come to England, Karen.

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