Friday, May 18, 2012

The Defiance in Love

We've been talking about the new Enation Store a lot lately because we're excited to have an amazing place for you guys to get all of the Enation goodies you want. You supporting us in that way helps us do what we do, and hopefully gives you some fun and inspiring merchandise (and of course music!).

But beneath the surface of our store are themes we hope connect with you. Our song 'Feel This' is being featured right now, and we wanted to give you some more things to contemplate as you're listening to the song or buying new T-shirt.

Jonathan said recently about the song, "'Feel This' is one of the most personal songs I've ever written. I think the reason people have responded to it is the depth of defiance in the lyrics, to not let your past define you." 

The new 'Feel This' Specialty shirts were designed with those deep themes in mind, one of them showcasing all of the lyrics, and the other with the simple but profound statement, 'Everything that was Taken will be Restored.' If you do decide to buy the new Specialty T-shirt, we hope that they will be worn as a reminder that Love ultimately wins, and that Hope and healing, although painful at times, is very real and very possible. The Defiance in Love will always win. Love has the staying power that wounds do not. It perseveres. It Hopes. Love Restores.

Love is an Action,

Jonathan, Richard Lee, Daniel
/// Enation

PS: If you're interested in checking out our store the address is: 

What are your thoughts? Do you see Love as a Defiant force? Do you think that Hope is more powerful than despair? Leave your comments below, we love hearing from you.


  1. Agree with your statements. I do believe Love is a defiant force against all that is not. It calls for action and commitment to steady the course towards the ultimate destination. Thru Him all things are possible, forgiven and restored.

  2. Love is by far a very defiant force. In so many ways, I wish I could describe them all. I also think that hope is much more powerful than despair, because hope never dies. Hope is created from love and no matter how much despair we will go through in the times or trials of life, hope and love will see us through.

    Hope is the heart.

    Love is the soul...