Monday, April 23, 2012


We wanted to let you know about a transition that has recently taken place. Due to creative differences that have arisen over the past year Enation has made the difficult decision that we will be moving forward without Michael and Luke as members of the band. This decision has not come about lightly  -- only after nearly a year of internal dialogues about creative and vision differences did it finally became clear to us that this was the path we needed to take moving forward. We love them very much and wish them nothing but the best. During our final discussion about this a few days ago we all expressed a desire to remain friends.

Jonathan, Richard Lee, and Daniel will continue as Enation, with no plans of finding new members.

We want to take this moment to say thank you to Michael and Luke for their contribution to Enation over the past several years. We have had many fun times together and will always be grateful for those. We hope that whatever their next endeavor is can be a fulfilling and exciting experience.

As for Enation, the three of us look forward to what lies ahead. We are excited about all the future projects that Enation has in the works. We are currently working on a West Coast tour for the summer and also have several musical projects in the works -- including our first ever full band production live LP (of which 'Live from Molly Malones' through PledgeMusic was the pre-cursor) and more. We look forward to more touring! More music releases! Special edition merchandise, and audio books from Jonathan.

These transitions will not impede the passion and commitment of Enation to make music and touch lives. We are grateful for the journey so far. We are grateful to Michael and Luke for the roles they have played.

We are also excited about what this transition means creatively for Enation as a "three-piece". We've always believed that working from one's limitations is what births the most creativity.

Thank you for your continued support. We will be sure to keep you informed of all of the exciting projects, tours, and endeavors that will be coming throughout this year and beyond.  

God Bless,


/// Jonathan, Richard Lee, Daniel


  1. Oh so sorry to hear. They will be missed. I'm excited to see what the new change will bring. After all the only constant in this world is change. Bring it on boys.

  2. Will you guys be at Molly Malone's in LA on Fairfax? Or have you been already. I used to hang there many years. Linda

  3. Hi guys, Thanks for the press release and letting fans know. I love the fact you guys are so honest & really understand how much your fans support you. Best of luck to Michael & Luke. I'm sure no matter where they land, fans will follow! Things happen for a reason I guess. Lots of love to Jonthan, Richard & Daniel...we're behind you 2000%!!! Love you tons...Chrissy *hugs*

  4. Very sad news, guys. But somethings it's better to just let go, then to continue in conflict. Your music would have suffered for it. I appreciate all the Michael and Luke have done for the band, as I'm sure all Enation fans are. We wish you all luck in the future. Even in the darkest of nights, the brightest of stars will show the way. Peace, Love & Music; Roguexxx (aka Paul A.)

  5. I am so sorry it had to turn out that way. I am sure it was very difficult to make that decision. Thank you so much for the update. You still have my support and I wish you the best of luck. Big hugs. Amy

  6. I love you guys and wish you luck for the future.

  7. I'm sorry to hear that but I wish all of you the best of luck. Every single one of you will be in my prayers.