Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Millions Will See Enation feat. on AOL Mail Front Page

Today millions of people will see Enation! The band is featured on the AOL Mail front page as one of the winners of the national AOL/About.Me competition.

The band Enation is featured on the splash page, as well as the 30 second promo video documenting the winner's trip to New York to see their billboard in Times Square. The ad featured Enation, their music, and their support of Not For Sale, which combats human-trafficking around the world.

The About.Me ad started with 'Enation... A premier indie band in America...' and went on to say... 'Our music is about rebellion. We rebel against modern-day slavery and child-trafficking. What do you rebel against?'

The photo of the band, which was featured on the ad, was taken by Lori Jane Photography.

The page is expected to get between 8-12 million views.

See the video featuring Enation that AOL highlighted documenting their trip HERE. 
See the video of the ad featuring Enation that was running on the actual billboard HERE. 


Above Photos (Top to Bottom): 
Enation in Times Square | Photo by Lori Jane Photography
Enation looks at their NY Billboard | Photo By Steven Bergman
About.Me Enation Billboard in NY Times Square | Photo by Enation 
The About.Me Team and Winners in NY Times Square | Photo by About.Me 

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