Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reality in Textlandia

ROTFLOL. When have you ever seen anyone get a text, read it, and then laugh until they are rolling on the floor from laughing?

Let's get real about what's really going on. We need a small dose of reality in textlandia, don't you think?

*beep beep* *incoming message...

LOL = not really out loud, more like, in my head that was mildly amusing or at least I need you to believe I thought it was.

LMAO = actually my a*$ is still on, but that was actually funny, I may have actually made a noise or at the very least smiled. This is really what LOL should be.

ROTFLOL = No rolling on the floor, but people around me noticed that I got a text that was really freaking funny. I laughed to myself and most likely showed at least one person around me, who also laughed. Thus, when two or more people laugh at the same text it is essentially as if one person was rolling on the floor with laughter. (Unless of course your cousin just had those 'special brownies' he made in which case he may actually be on the floor laughing -- but he doesn't actually know why after a few minutes.)

Haha = I acknowledge that you were trying to be funny but may not have been.

Hahaha = Actually funny, maybe an inside joke.

Hahahahahaha + = You nailed it! That was funny with my sense of humor, who cares if anyone else got it, that was hilarious!

OMGLOLROTFLOLHAHAHAHA = You should be a writer for SNL or make short videos that make the world laugh.

What do you think? Leave a comment!

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~ Enation

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  1. ROTFLOLHAHAHAHA -- because I shared this blog with at least three people in the room who also laughed out loud, and you are freaking hilarious. And you should make short vids that crack up the world. :-)

  2. Oh! You forgot ROR... Scooby Doo Style!

  3. LOL! I actually did sort of col (chuckle out loud) but does it really count if nobody was around to hear?

  4. I actually did laugh out loud at the special brownies line. :)