Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vote for Enation to be Fan Favorite on OurStage!

With 'The Our Stage Panel' finale episode approaching, voting for the Our Stage Grand Prize Fan Finalist is now going on. Enation needs your vote! Help them get to #1!

What's 'The Our Stage Panel'?
'The Our Stage Panel' is a great new web series created by Our Stage that features the best up and coming independent artists in the world. Enation was honored to be chosen as one of the few artists to be featured on the show.

After their episode aired you fans voted Enation the Fan Favorite of the week! Since then, three other great artists have been added to the Fan Favorite nomination list.

This week Enation could win the Grand Prize of $1,000.00 –– and YOU could win killer KOSS headphones for voting!

Here is what a couple of the judges of 'The Our Stage Panel' had to say about Enation and their song, 'Glorious':

"Their music's getting placed everywhere. I think of The Fray when they were on 'Gray's Anatomy', it kind of helped break them... and I think that's how these guys will break."
      - Bruce Tyler, former Executive Vice President, Sony Music

"This hook is just stuck in my head right now... it won't get out of there... like The Script and The Fray, I can definitely see them breaking through with this kind of sound."
        - Shannon Dastur, Program Director, Z100, New York 

Drummer Richard Lee says about Enation fans, 'We have the best fans in the world. Enation Army have helped propel us to gain national attention on OurStage, CDBaby, and About.Me. They continue to amaze us with their passion and connection with our music. The Our Stage Panel Fan Favorite award is another opportunity for us to show people how dedicated our fans are and introduce our music to new listeners.'  

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