Monday, June 13, 2011

Post-Production for "My Ancient Rebellion"

We are in the final stages of making our album, "My Ancient Rebellion". We have been recording the music for this project for a year and a half now. With pre-production (writing, demos, etc.) complete, as well as production (recording/mixing music) we now are in the final stage of the process: post-production.

This is an exciting time. We get to stand back and look at the creative canvas that now has lots and lots of paint on it, and we get to really digest what it is we've just created. The final steps for releasing the album are in motion; Mastering (it's like taking the music and injecting steroids into it, or, since steroids are really unhealthy, like a really amazing protein powder that builds muscle mass). We are about to schedule that with a great company in CA called The Mastering Lab. After that, or kind of simultaneously, we are envisioning what the artwork might look like. On some projects we have done the artwork in house, but on other projects, perhaps this one, we will get the pros at AMP Visual who did 'World In Flight' to have their mastery at work. Most creative ventures are a team game, and making music is certainly that way for us. Not only within the band dynamics, but also with the engineers, mixers, mastering engineers, and design artists. At different times it helps so much to have another artists insight and vision added to the mix.

As we move into the final stages of post-production, we are so excited to share each new step with you, along the road to the grand reveal that will be known as our next record, "My Ancient Rebellion".

God Bless, and thanks again for being on this journey with us.

Richard Lee
///// Enation